Hand stopping dominoes from falling

How to deal with the anxiety of taking risks

If you’re risk-averse, the prospect of taking a risk typically brings to mind one of two outcomes that leave us dealing with anxiety: 1) either the attempt fails—or worse, it proves harmful—or 2) it succeeds but introduces new challenges and unknowns you might not feel equipped to handle. The second outcome can be especially daunting. […]

A human hand and a robot hand reaching toward each other

When Will AI Become Your Therapist?

Do you think AI will take over therapy and make people like me obsolete? It’s interesting to me that when some new and revolutionary tech pops onto the scene, people immediately go to the worst case scenario. It will take all our jobs. We won’t be able to think for ourselves. It will take over […]

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

Lessons in Resilience from a Solar Eclipse

There’s something kind of magical about knowing exactly when the moon will sneak in front of the sun and cast a brief shadow over the day. I remember an eclipse when I was in middle school that I witnessed through a pinhole on a sheet of paper. While I didn’t see the eclipse directly because […]