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When Will AI Become Your Therapist?

Do you think AI will take over therapy and make people like me obsolete? It’s interesting to me that when some new and revolutionary tech pops onto the scene, people immediately go to the worst case scenario. It will take all our jobs. We won’t be able to think for ourselves. It will take over […]

Lessons in Resilience from a Solar Eclipse

There’s something kind of magical about knowing exactly when the moon will sneak in front of the sun and cast a brief shadow over the day. I remember an eclipse when I was in middle school that I witnessed through a pinhole on a sheet of paper. While I didn’t see the eclipse directly because […]

The Stress-Busting Soundtrack of the 80s

One thing is becoming very clear as Generation X enters AARP territory: we are now in charge of the class (we just let ourselves in, thank you very much) and we just wanna rock. I follow a few Gen X groups on Facebook, and the nostalgia for 80s music is unbelievably strong. I think that’s […]

What Your Insecurities Say About You

Feeling a bit insecure is something we all deal with from time to time. Who hasn’t gone into an important presentation, a big game, or a new support group with some butterflies about how you’re going to pull this off? I would venture that even today’s most reliable standard bearers of achievement still struggle with […]

The Problem with Sleep Trackers

Everything runs on data now (and Dunkin’), so it’s easy to hand over the reins to a gadget or an app to find out how we’re doing. Sleep trackers and apps come up a lot in my work with clients. Because so many people struggling with their mental health have issues with sleep, many of […]

How Do You Spend Your Downtime?

Cal Newport has done some great work in the area of deep work and productivity. If you are trying to get your act together and produce meaningful work, his books and such will get you where you need to go.   Here he has some interesting insight on the way we spend our down time. […]

Growing in the Skin You’re In

Recently, I read about actress and model Pam Anderson’s bold choice to go makeup-free at a high-profile fashion event, embracing life in her 50s with a more unfiltered presence. In fact, she didn’t even bring a stylist with her. The horror. Kudos to her, because I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada, so I’m assuming that’s […]